Why use InfraSECURE?

Easy to use tool

Efficient Inbuilt Reporting

Make powerful pitches and meetings using the report dasboard

Optimize available resources

Reduce operating costs

Make cost-efficient purchase decisions

Avoid future legal hassles

Optimize  license usage

Information almost real-time

Asset Management

 Hardware asset management

  • Information about the motherboard, partitions, OS, memory slots etc. of the systems
  • Control even the power according to relevant usage to optimise power consumption and extend battery life

Software asset management

  • Blacklist applications
  • Control and optimise use of licence applications

License Management/
Software Compliance Management

  • Avoid the heavy legal costs and hassles 
  • Track usage of the software
  • Optimise based on  the usage/person
  • Simply the procedure for the Asset Management Team with information available at your fingertips 
  • Reduce costs
  • Make informed purchase decisions

Power Management

  • Save over 30% of your energy consumption.
  • Become a green company.
  • And as Michael Jackson croons "Heal the world, make it a better place." Become a socially responsible company.